Wilton Meadows Health Care Center

Dementia & Alzheimer's Care

We have had a dedicated focus on serving our Residents with Memory Impairment.

It started many years ago when our Ownership and Upper Management team identified this to be such a growing need and wanted us to be well structured to best care for this population.

Specialty Training by the Alzheimer’s Association – the Alzheimer’s Ambassador Program:

A special relationship was formed with the Alzheimer’s Association several years ago, to provide high level training to our staff. It was branded the “Alzheimer’s Ambassador” program. This priority program is unique to our company and no other Health Care Facility enjoys its benefits. To kick it off, the Alzheimer’s Association provided an intensive week long retreat of specialty training to key member of our team and the “Alzheimer’s Ambassador” program was launched. We still continue that training today to members of our clinical and clinical support staff – to benefit how we care for this special population.

Specialty Programs:

We offer a variety of Recreational and Social activities to enhance the quality of life for our Residents with Alzheimer’s or other memory impairment disorders. These programs include:

  • Musical, TV, Radio, word games and other programs that capitalize on our Residents’ long term memory – which often remains viable in this population - in spite of their short term memory challenges,
  • Cooking, art, gardening, hand massage, and other programs that stimulate the senses of smell, sight, and feel - and enhance one’s feeling of accomplishment and self worth,
  • Programs that bring the benefits of pet therapy and nature to our Residents, including:
    • Conventional pet therapy visitation,
    • “Bird Tales” – which brings the color, sounds, life and joy of a wide variety of bird species to our campus - for our patient’s direct viewing and enjoyment. Bird Tales was developed by our company – in collaboration with Audubon society experts. It has received notoriety as a uniquely creative nature program – particularly for this population.
    • Paro – our robotic pet - with micro chip technology which enables Paro to purr and react lovingly to those holding, petting or paying attention to her – as a live pet would do. Paro is about the size of a baby or small pet, which innately brings out maternal and other warm reactions. Paro is also non-allergenic – which enables Residents who are allergic to live pets and animals – to enjoy her benefits,
    • Gardening and other programs that capitalize on the therapeutic benefits of our changing seasons, landscaping, and area plantings.
  • Dining with a special touch for those with Alzheimer’s is enhanced by our specialty training. We are extra sensitive to promoting good hydration and nutrition given our patient’s sensory and cognitive deficits. We enhance those outcomes by a variety of techniques including freshly served meals, portion size, table and dishware presentation, and special culinary presentation of meals for those on a pureed, ground, or mechanically altered diets.

A Safe and Protected Environment:

The special needs of individuals having Alzheimer’s are enhanced by our safely secure Nursing unit - where they have the freedom and security of moving about comfortably, in an environment where their care needs are specially attended to.

The Right Team:

Our team of professionals has the training, personality, and sensitivity to properly care for our Residents with Alzheimer’s and related dementias.

Partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association:

We continue our relationship with, and support of the Alzheimer’s Association and their initiatives. As a free public service we offer to the community monthly Memory Screening evaluations by specially trained Physicians and support staff. Contact our Social Service staff if you know of someone who may benefit from this free professional evaluation.

Partnership with Families and Loved Ones:

We view our relationship with our Resident’s families and loved ones as a partnership – where we provide a safe, secure, and caring environment where the Resident’s needs can be managed and met – and where families and loved ones can provide the love and Resident interaction that only they can give. We honor and respect the dedication and care giving that families and loved ones have provided before us, and we value working together with you.

Wilton Meadows Rehabilitation and Health Care Center

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